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There are hundreds of reasons to consider renting a storage unit but most often the reason is space. With this in mind, it is important to ensure you are using your space to the fullest while still protecting your valuables from damage. To help our clients we have come up with a list of tips, tricks and suggestions to help you get the most out of your unit.


Getting your items to fit in the unit can be challenging, but getting them back out again can be a whole lot worse. It is important to plan ahead when storing items in a storage unit; Place the ‘long term’ storage items in the back of the unit and the items that you plan to store ‘short term’ closer to the front for easy removal.


When storing items it is recommended that nothing touches the floor to reduce the chances of water/flood/moisture damage occurring. Use skids and plastic wrap for larger objects and furniture to keep them in tip-top shape. Additionally; freezers & refrigerators should be left slightly ajar and thoroughly cleaned before storage.


Whether you are storing items for long or short periods of time it is important to store them properly, put documents and financial records in archive boxes, pack clothing in wardrobe cartons and store with mothballs, and wipe metals/machinery down with a couple drops of oil to prevent rust from accumulating.


You may know exactly where everything is when you put it in your unit but after a few weeks, months or years all those boxes will start to look the same. It’s important to label your boxes and storage containers so when you are looking for something specific it takes only a few minutes to find, not hours.


Depending on the value of your stored items you should consider purchasing content insurance in case of damage. Some home insurance providers offer coverage for 30 – 90 days (but you should always check with your broker first) but in most cases your contents are uninsured.

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